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Case Abstracts

The Supreme Federal Court, the highest court of Brazil, offers through this database a collection of abstracts of SFC judgments, aimed at informing and disseminating Brazilian constitutional case law in foreign languages.

The case abstracts currently available comprise the Supreme Federal Court's work from the enactment of the Federal Constitution of 1988 until the year 2006. The database will be permanently updated starting in 2006 with the assistance of the cases' rapporteurs.

The translations to English, French and Spanish are made through a cooperation agreement with Fundação Alexandre Gusmão (FUNAG), associated to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Breadth of the Expression "Racism" (HC / 82424)

Extradition and Political Crime (Ext / 700)

Protection of Flora: Prior environmental impact study. (ADI / 1086)

Access to the Judiciary and ad valorem court costs (ADI / MC - 1926)

Due Process of Law and Evidence Gathering by Judges (ADI / 1570)

Simple Rape and Heinous Crimes (HC / 81288)

Protection of Fauna: Farra do Boi (RE / 153531)

Rape and Presumption of Violence (HC / 74983)

Protection of Fauna: Cockfighting (ADI / 2514)

State Privatization Program (ADI / MC - 1724)

Freedom of Press (ADI / 869)

Arbitration Law and clause compromissoire (SE / AgR - 5206)

Freedom of Assembly (ADI / MC - 1969)

DNA Testing and Paternity Action (HC / 76060)

Restrictive Immunity of Foreign States on Civil Matters (RE / AgR - 222368)

Concession of Public Services and Contract Alteration (ADI / MC - 2299)

Extradition and Life Imprisonment (Ext / 855)

Witness's Right to Silence (HC / 79812)

Upgrading type of incarceration and heinous crimes (HC / 82959)

Privatization of State Bank (ADI / MC - 1348)

Split of Petrobrás: General Authorization (ADI / 1649)

Maternity Leave and Pay (ADI / MC - 1946)

Payment with Public Bonds in National Privatization Program (MS / 22493)

Free Competition and Distance among Establishments (RE / 193749)

Privatization at State Level (ADI / 234)

Extradition and Insufficient Definition of a Crime (Ext / 633)

Terrorism: Decharacterization as Political Crime (Ext / 853)

Supremacy of the Constitution over International Treaties (ADI / MC - 1480)

Bidding Procedure in Privatization (ADI / 1582)

Extradition Treaties: Immediate Enforcement (Ext / 864)

Public University Autonomy (ADI / 51)

Elevation of Career Judges to the State Court of Appeals (ADI / 314)


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